Lord of the Rings Online raises legendary item level cap, says three more updates are on the way for 2023


That shiny, glowy super-weapon that you’ve been lugging all over Middle-earth is about to get even more powerful than before. Lord of the Rings Online announced that it’s raised the level cap for legendary items from 485 to 490 — a small increase, but no doubt a helpful one for players trying to tackle the new endgame content.

And speaking of more content for LOTRO, Standing Stone Games said that the community should expect at least three more major updates for this year. Update 35 came out earlier this spring, Update 36 is currently in testing, and Updates 37 and 38 will bring us to Umbar.

In other LOTRO news, the revamped forums now offer a “light” style option to go with the current dark one, the Buried Treasure event is running through May 29th, and Shadowfax has just a few days left until its run is over on May 31st.

Source: LOTRO, 2, 3
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