Black Desert’s Land of the Morning Light expansion launches in the west on June 14

Finally, we’ve got a hard date for Black Desert’s Land of the Morning Light expansion: It’s rolling out to the west on June 14th. As we’ve been covering since the original announcement, Morning Light introduces a new continent based on Korean history and folklore, but according to today’s Pearl Abyss stream, there’s more in store for players than just the expansion: There’s also a new summer season, new housing, new gear, and the awakenings for the Woosa and Maegu on deck – some of which arrives even sooner than June.

“Capitalizing on the upcoming new content, Pearl Abyss wasted no time giving players reasons to jump into Black Desert Online, announcing a new Summer Season. Adventurers can already create seasonal characters and complete challenges throughout the season to obtain the 8th Gen Female Horse and quickly attempt Course awakening to acquire a Dream Horse. The Dream Horse enables players to travel the vast world of Black Desert efficiently. […] Woosa’s Awakening draws strength from the divine power from strange flowers in the afterlife. Using her hybrid combat style with focus on mid-range attacks, she uses spirits by employing a set of charms that Maegu uses as a main weapon. The arrival of Woosa Awakening is planned for next Wednesday, May 31. As Maegu embarks on her Awakening quest, she gains profound insight into herself and re-learns to wield the fan, her sister’s main weapon. Maegu pierces through enemies with fiery attacks using her melee-heavy combat approach. Maegu’s class Awakening will arrive in June.”

PA is apparently selling a DLC package for the expansion on Steam and through the in-game cash shop for 50 bucks. The bundle contains an assortment of outfits, consumables, currencies, buffs, and more; PA says it’ll go up to $100 after the launch.

Source: Press release
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