Final Fantasy XI finishes the Voracious Resurgence with this week’s patch


All resurgences, no matter how voracious, must come to an end. That’s not a saying, nobody actually says that, but it should be one because “voracious” is a fun word. It’s also relevant to players of Final Fantasy XI, as the patch now live finishes off the unexpected new story no one expected with the final entries of the Voracious Resurgence storyline. New quests, new battles, and a new tier of weapon improvements when all is said and done.

What more could you ask for? New weapon skills added to the auto-translate function because they’re there and important now? Well, you’ve got that too. It’s a wrapup and a power boost for players who have been following this long, so hop on into the game if you’re eager to see how the resurgence caps off. Maybe the real resurgence were the voracious friends we made along the way? (No.)

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