Lord of the Rings Online takes us back to Gondor this week with Update 36


After only two and a half weeks of testing, Lord of the Rings Online’s Update 36 is bringing us back to Aragon’s homeland this week. Gondor Renewed is scheduled to arrive on the live servers this Wednesday alongside the final day of the Shadowfax legendary world.

Update 36 is the first new high-level landscape content since Gundabad: “This region is set after the Battle of Pelennor Fields and the Great Wedding of Aragorn and Arwen. Gone are the gloomy dark skies, replaced with bright and sunny fields and hills!”

The patch will also add the optional landscape difficulty system to all servers as well as expand delvings to include AnnĂºminas and Great Barrows instances.

LOTRO recently increased the cap for legendary items and virtues. The Treebeard progression server is scheduled to head into Rohan on June 7th, followed by the Midsummer Festival for all on June 8th.

Source: Twitter
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