Fiesta Online’s Rise of Elga update invites players to an underwater kingdom today


Fiesta Online is heralding today – Tuesday, May 30th, – as a big day: It’s when the devs will be releasing what Gamigo is calling “the most significant content update in over a year.” And it’s bringing players beneath the waves to an undersea world just like a couple of other games seem eager to do.

This new patch is titled Rise of Elga and offers up the titular new realm with four new zones, a new boss, and new level 140 gear that grants special buffs, which all lead up to a final showdown against the new final boss of Queen Egma.

Along the way, players will have to manage their oxygen levels and face off against new threats like cursed chests, water guards, mutated shrimp, and mini bosses. For those who are at the top end of Fiesta, there looks to be quite a bit on deck.

sources: press release, official site
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