Blizzard confirms that it’s working on World of Warcraft dragonriding outside of Dragon Isles

Also, Shadowland solo raid finder rumored


You know what’s just plain fun? World of Warcraft’s dragonriding. It may well be the most well-received expansion feature since Legion’s artifact weapons, and ever since players got their hands on these swoopy, swishy dragons, they’ve been clamoring to fly like this across all of Azeroth.

The good news is that, after rumors pointing to the fact, Blizzard is indeed working on taking dragonriding to other parts of the game. The developers announced this last week, saying, “We are indeed working on dragonriding outside of the Dragon Isles and broadening the set of mounts that can dragonride. Our initial work on this can be seen in the Fractures in Time game files, but that feature will not be complete or featured in the live game until later in Dragonflight.”

And speaking of datamining for World of Warcraft’s future, some diligent sleuths have found indicators that Blizzard is readying a Shadowlands raid finder solo queue for the next content update. This will allow players to blast through raids solo in search of transmog.

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