Conqueror’s Blade adds more samurai and new unit progression in latest season while marking its fourth year


The tactical MMO Conqueror’s Blade is one of those games that sort of flies under the radar, but flies all the same, with our Fight or Kite columnist Sam enjoying his time on the battlefield and the game releasing new seasons on a pretty regular basis. So it goes with the game’s new Sengoku season, which added new samurai units, a new solo PvE mode, and some new unit progression mechanics.

The Sengoku season features a three-star Ronin unit with powerful sword attacks, a four-star Onna-musha unit that wields a glaive to keep foes at a distance, and the five-star Orochi Samurai that are specially designed to take down mounted cavalry with their polearms.

The other party piece of the current season is a unit mastery system that lets players ramp up a unit’s stats and alter its skills as that unit levels up. This progression holds hands with the new solo Mastery Commander PvE mode, a multi-stage siege culminating in an assault on an enemy commander designed to let players earn unit mastery.

Speaking of parties, Conqueror’s Blade is celebrating its fourth anniversary an anniversary stream on June 8th and player contests that challenge fans to share their favorite memories or bake a tasty cake.

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