No Man’s Sky’s Singularity aka expedition 10 is live – here’s the new trailer


Is No Man’s Sky allowed to have two big drops in the same seven-day span? Welp, it’s happening anyway, as hot on the heels of its native Mac client release, Hello Games has launched the Singularity expedition. Singularity is a “narrative-heavy journey” that “forms the second chapter of the story introduced in Interceptor.”

“The expedition sees players work alone and as a community to solve the mystery of the damaged Autophage heads found abandoned at harmonic camps. Rewards for uncovering the mystery and assembling your very own mechanical Construct include a set of unique posters; new jetpack and freighter engine trail customisations; buildable Atlantideum crystals for your base; an exclusive new helmet customisation; and an entire Construct visual customisation set. A layer of more hidden clues exists for players who are willing to hunt them out.”

Hello Games also talks up a full body customization set, cosmetics, base deco, and a raft of stability and gameplay fixes. Expect the expedition to run five weeks.

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