ARK Survival Evolved’s final update features a horrifying yet versatile new giant insect creature

Happy eighth anniversary, you'll never sleep again


It’s the eighth – and final – year for ARK: Survival Evolved as the game has received its last major content addition in the form of some giant nightmare bug monster that’s both upsetting and impressive to behold. Meet the Rhyniognatha, a combination of wasp, mantis, beetle, and very possibly crab (all things return to crab, after all) available in The Island and Lost Island maps.

The new beast’s versatility looks to be pretty significant: It flies, it swims underwater, it fires poisonous projectiles, it can deliver big packages, it can harden its carapace; honestly it probably does birthday parties, bat mitzvahs, and bar mitzvahs as well. The trailer waiting below shows off the multi-purpose critter in action.

As mentioned earlier, this new addition comes during ARK’s eighth anniversary and officially marks the last major content update while Studio Wildcard pivots to the Unreal Engine 5 re-master ARK: Survival Ascended and the sequel ARK 2. The latest newsletter otherwise thanks players for their support and shares a celebratory mural for players to download.

The newsletter also posts a concept artwork peek at ASA’s Fasolasuchus, opens up fan submissions for creatures to be added to ASA, and announces ARK: Genesis I will arrive to the Nintendo Switch edition on June 30th. The post also offers a message of solidarity for Pride Month along with word of Studio Wildcard’s charitable donation to The Ali Forney Center, an organization that gives shelter to homeless LGBTQ+ youths.

sources: press release, official site
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