Project Gorgon stops tickling fish — and starts angling for them


Everyone’s favorite skill-prolific MMORPG is getting serious about its fishing. Project Gorgon’s June 1st patch expanded the Angling skill to go beyond “tickling” fish out of the water with characters’ bare hands and actually use a fishing pole to catch them.

“Players have told us that an MMO ‘needs’ to have traditional fishing in order to feel like a complete MMO,” the devs said. “The precise mechanics of Angling aren’t spelled out in the game at the moment. Since this game focuses on exploration, we expect players to be able to figure out how Angling works.”

The patch also expands the main storyline, adds three new camera types, introduces a Summon Sandstorm ability for the Weather Witch, and makes AOE abilities easier to identify in practice. The devs said that they’ll mostly be making “relatively modest” balance changes for the rest of the beta process.

On top of the patch, Project Gorgon is running two rounds of “MEGA Raffles” this month. Players can enter to win these in-game at the Serbule Inn on June 11th and 24th. “There will be a cauldron party and XP buff love after each raffle… and maybe some mayhem too!”

Source: Project Gorgon, 2
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