EVE Online’s Viridian expansion releases on June 13 – here are the patch notes

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EVE Online has been making a lot of hay about its Viridian expansion, with preview pieces that offer everything but a release date. That has now changed, as CCP Games has not only confirmed a June 13th launch, but also put forth the expansion’s patch notes ahead of time.

As one would expect, the notes provide earlier shared details about things like corporation features, structure painting, and the addition of the lancer dreadnought ship type, while new information includes granular details such as each lancer’s stats, the required skills needed to pilot lancers, and additional formula for planned tax adjustments.

The notes also provide specifics for marauder ship nerfs, battleship buffs, and additional economic changes related to blueprints, capital ship parts, and molecular condensor costs, among others. There are a lot of fine details here, so capsuleers should probably take some time to look things over.

source: official site. Cheers, Wilhelm!
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