The Daily Grind: Are there MMO cash-shop offerings you refuse to buy?


I know I’ve spent a nice stack of cash on Lord of the Rings Online in the last couple of years. Two of my main games are rogue servers and don’t require buy-in or subs, which leaves me with some extra gaming budget to splash out on LOTRO. So I’ve got my sub, and I bought the big mama Gundabad package, and once or twice a year I buy a bunch of extra LOTRO points on sale so I can buy fun things in the cash shop – mostly storage and ports, if I’m honest. (I’m gonna get a premium house next, though!)

But there’s one thing in LOTRO that will never, ever get any coin from me, and that’s lockboxes, or more specifically, keys to open the ubiquitous dropped lockboxes. It irritates me that they even exist, and I consider it a black mark on the game that SSG still tries to make money off people susceptible to this type of gambling. It just seems like a lack of respect for the players, though I suspect most of the devs hate it as much as I do.

Are there MMO cash-shop offerings you refuse to buy?

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