MMO Week in Review: Necrom, AI, and SWTOR’s big move


EA stunned everyone this week by confirming that it’s in what sounds like pretty firm plans to move Star Wars: The Old Republic from BioWare to Broadsword, which is basically the retirement studio EA uses to stash MMOs it no longer wants to directly support but does want to keep online. Broadsword, which already maintains two older MMOs, will apparently pick up 40-odd BioWare staffers in the move, and while the team wasn’t at liberty to confirm what’s going on, it promised the content rollout will continue.

Meanwhile, The Elder Scrolls Online welcomed the Necrom chapter, Summer Game Fest 2023 brought trailers and teases for multiple upcoming MMOs, and we pondered the impact of the so-called AI revolution on gaming.

And in meta news, we published our 50,000th article today on MassivelyOP!

Read on to catch up with the very best of this week’s MMO news and opinions today as every Sunday (since 2010!) in Massively Overpowered’s Week in Review!


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