AdventureQuest 3D confirms four new classes and player housing is in the works


You know what’s an underrated little MMO that’s pretty slick and offers plenty of cross-platform play? AdventureQuest 3D. There’s always something new to see and do in this ever-expanding game, such as this summer’s imminent release of the Forge of the Forlorn.

This happy-go-lucky area is part of the upcoming Nulgath Saga: Part 3 update and will feature “a lot of sentient weapons” along with more quests, a new pet, and an unrepentant super-grind: “Remember that the Nulgath Saga is infamous in Artix Entertainment games for having long grinds for the most powerful items, so be prepared… The grind isn’t over.”

AdventureQuest 3D also posted a new dev blog in which the team discussed the challenges and process of taking suggestions from the community and implementing them into the MMO. Artix Entertainment confirmed some of the most requested features are in the works, including four new classes, more guild features, and, oh yeah, player housing.

“YASSS! It’s happening! The much-desired housing feature will entail a substantial investment in both art assets and back-end development,” the studio said. “AQ3D is in the blueprint stage for housing, but rest assured we are hiring Battleon’s best contractors to take on the job.”

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