Guild Wars 2 begins Dragon Bash 2023, plans WvW world restructuring beta this weekend


If the heat of summer is already getting you down, head to Hoelbrak in Guild Wars 2: The chilly Nord capital has thrown open its doors for the Dragon Bash festival.

ArenaNet launched the festival, now in its sixth (non-concurrent) year, with yesterday’s patch; it features multiple minigames, including piñata-smashing, the Dragon Arena, the Dragon Bash Rally, and the Hologram Stampede. This year’s rendition offers an updated achievement layout as well as new weapons, minipets, and guild deco, and you’ll have until June 27th to grab it all up.

In other Guild Wars 2 news, ArenaNet’s PvP team has a fresh dev blog out on the ongoing WvW world restructuring betas: It’s planning another test phase starting this Friday, and yes, there are rewards in it for you. In fact, some new WvW perks are already in the live game; there’s a new WvW currency vendor, a new WvW infusion, and a new lockbox box-and-key set that revolves around WvW.

“The next beta event will run from June 9 to June 23. We’ll be running two matchups in a row for the first time using the system, allowing us to test the one-up, one-down matching system at scale and validate matchmaking bug fixes. Assuming this test goes according to plan, we aim to run another beta test later this summer that introduces the first version of the long-awaited Alliances system, which allows multiple guilds to combine forces and be placed on a WvW team together.”

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