Elder Scrolls Online’s Necrom chapter is officially live – here’s the launch trailer!


Happy Necrom launch day to The Elder Scrolls Online, which is sending players to mainland Morrowind for a deeper look into Dunmer culture and customs – and then to Apocrypha to contend with the daedra lord of tentacles. OK, it’s really Hermaeus Mora, the lord of knowledge, who rules over the plane of Apocrypha. Zenimax Online Studios promises over 30 hours of new content across both new zones, as well as the new Arcanist class and the core storyline that takes players through Necrom, the city of the dead. There’s also a 12-person raid called Sanity’s Edge, a new world event dubbed Bastion Nymic, and a pair of new companions for the chapter.

While the chapter and quality-of-life-tweak-centric update 38 are live for PC and Mac players today, console players on Xbox One, Xbox S|X, PS4, and PS5 will wait for June 20th to experience the tentacles. Patch notes are also live for your perusal if you’re stuck at work!

Source: Press release, official site
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