Diablo IV fixes PC stuttering, balances classes and glyphs, releases Halsey-SUGA vid


While the wider playerbase is still a day away from Diablo IV’s launch, the game has been getting patches for its biggest and earliest buyers ahead of tomorrow’s full release, addressing a few bugs and applying some tuning to the ARPG’s classes.

Yesterday saw a smaller patch that fixed stuttering for high-end PCs and a bug related to the cash shop’s language, while the larger patch came in over the weekend to adjust classes and paragon glyphs. Overall, Blizzard is bringing certain synergies in line in order to stop certain builds from surviving unreasonably high amounts of damage for long periods of time, while other builds are being buffed to improve their effectiveness.

Finally, paragon glyphs are getting a wholesale reduction in bonus scaling, with certain glyphs getting even more of a nerfing, and rare nodes that affect player attack speeds are being reduced by half. As one might expect, this portion of the notes gets granular, so players will likely want to check the notes for the details.

Or don’t, and just gape at the Halsey x SUGA x Diablo IV music vid instead.

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