Diablo IV contends with server issues, Megan Fox promo, and Whoopi Goldberg yelling at Blizzard


The launch week for Diablo IV continues to be both enthusiastic and shaky, with server issues and unexpected downtime plaguing the online ARPG. Some lengthy queues are raising the question of why Blizzard doesn’t allow for an offline version of the game to exist.

In the meanwhile, celebrities! Namely, Whoopi Goldberg made the news this week by publicly dinging Diablo IV for not being available on Mac: “Give me my [DiabloIV, because I paid for it, I was all excited for it, I went to play on it, and I’m telling you, this really pissed me off.”

“I did not have ‘Whoopi Goldberg yelling at me on Instagram’ on my Diablo IV launch bingo card,” dryly tweeted Diablo General Manager Rod Fergusson. We should note that there is a community-discovered workaround for this.

And then there’s this weird promotion where Diablo IV wants you to share videos of your notable in-game deaths so that Megan Fox, why not, can read your eulogy to the world. Is it as weird as Kentucky Fried Chicken? No, but it’s still a little odd.

Finally, the Diablo IV community put together a list of side quests that lead to specific dungeons, which is helpful if you are looking to increase your renown while doing the dungeons you would’ve done anyway.

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