New World lets testers have the first crack at the new Sandwurm Trial


The second round of testing for New World’s upcoming Blood of the Sands content update is in progress, and with this phase comes two of the patch’s PvE tentpole features.

First up is a tough-as-nails trial in which groups of 20 players can attempt to down a massive sandwurm known as “The Devourer.” What does it devour? Supreme pizzas, strangely enough.

Also in testing is the Siege of Sulfur, in which “10+ max-level players can team up in a new group activity to defend sandwurm eggs from waves of Sulfur Elementals seeks to destroy them. Defend the eggs to earn rewards that will help you take on Shah Neshen, and for a chance at the Mini-Devourer hat skin and housing item.”

Blood of the Sands is expected to arrive on the live servers July 6th with the start of Season 2.

Source: Steam
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