Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis enters ‘ver. 2’ with new player housing feature and several bugs


This week is likely a big one for players of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis as the June update (aka ver. 2) has made its way to the MMORPG with some major features in tow, including new player housing, new enemies, and some new visual features.

The primary feature of this latest release is creative spaces, which lets players decorate an entire little island of their own by adjusting terrain, adding building items and furnishings, and even putting down trigger items to create some unique little gameplay elements. We were given a guided tour of creative spaces ahead of its launch, while players are already creating impressive homes.

On top of the housing, this update has introduced a new cel-shaded visual effect that players can apply to characters and NPCs along with hologram effects that can be temporarily left around the game world, while next week will introduce a new enemy type to fight that can strengthen itself and nearby foes. The launch is also being celebrated with an event that’s ramping up XP earnings and giving out login goodies for a limited time.

Unfortunately, the patch’s rollout hasn’t been without its bumps. Some known issues include players not being able to move to their space during network delays, a bug with one of the feature’s tutorial steps, another bug related to creative spaces’ time change settings not saving, items not appearing in the Epic Games Store as they should, and a soft lock upon login. Sega is either promising that work is being done to correct each issue in turn and is providing temporary workarounds in a few cases.

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