Lost Skies provides an extremely granular look at the making of a deer


It’s pretty obvious to most people that creating fauna for a game isn’t a simple matter of pushing a “make animal good” button and calling it a day; it takes a lot of time and effort to design, animate, and implement even the most basic of critters. Even so, the latest preview post out of Lost Skies takes players on the entire journey of creating one (1) deer.

The post runs through all of the various steps Bossa Studios took in making a stag version of the game’s deer creature, starting all the way back from concept art and moving through all of the stag’s modeling, animation, texturing, pathing, and AI behavior. All of these layers of work result in a creature that is generally skittish, quick to react to players, but also not above ramming horns-first into players if it feels threatened.

We don’t expect the game to provide every detail of every animal ever made in the still-developing title, and the read is hardly something that sheds light on overall progress, but it still might be of interest to followers of the project and armchair devs alike as it grants the most complete look at a video game deer ever put to print.

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