ARK Survival Ascended highlights the sand-swimming Fasolasuchus and narrows down community critters


Now that ARK: Survival Evolved has gotten its final content drop, Studio Wildcard’s ongoing Community Crunch newsletter is solely focused on the Unreal Engine 5 remaster ARK: Survival Ascended, aka the one you have to buy again. This week, it’s all about Ascended’s critters, both officially made and player-designed.

We begin with the official entry, a crocodilian creature known as the Fasolasuchus that can swim through sand as if it was water, create sand whirlpools to trap foes, and whip up sand with their tails to blind targets. Oh, it also has acidic spines. This new creature is tameable, but turning this beast into a friend won’t be easy, as it’s immune to most narcotics and will apparently require players to soften it up with explosives or by steering it into a rock.

Meanwhile, Wildcard decided on the final 10 player-built creatures that were in the running for Ascended and put them up for a vote. Beasties being dreamed up by players include things like a Dire Otter, the “terrestrial battleship” Dreadnoughtus, the dagger-toothed hunting hound known as the Gorgonops, and what essentially boils down to a super ultra mega chicken that works like an egg nursery nanny. Voting has since wrapped up, with the winner scheduled to be unveiled on June 23rd.

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