SMITE’s newest update adds Charon the Ferryman to the MOBA’s roster


Usually being the ferryman for the River Styx would be a pretty singular job, but apparently Charon is branching out into MOBA fights as well, or at least he’s doing so now in SMITE, as the Greek mythological figure is officially part of the playable roster today.

“Though historically Charon is often depicted as an ugly, disheveled old man, we wanted SMITE’s depiction to truly embody the strength and prowess an ageless chthonic deity would possess in both his visuals and his playstyle,” explains Hi-Rez. “Additionally, from minute one, we decided that Charon could not be the ferryman we’d imagined without his trusty boat at his side at all times.”

This does indeed mean that Charon is bringing his boat to the fight, with an aggressive guardian playstyle that can easily see him flex into a solo role. His abilities include gold generation, the opportunity to collect more gold and a soul stack that can be cashed in for health from defeated friendly lane minions, and several skills that damage, mark, and fear foes.

Charon’s arrival in the new patch additionally brings a new Charon’s Journey event, a tweak to the rewards for slain titans in Conquest mode, some slight nerfs to the soul surges mechanic, and a round of bug fixes and character balance tweaks.

sources: press release, official site (1, 2)
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