Diablo IV’s latest Season of the Malignant trailer demos monster heart confiscation


Diablo IV’s first season is just nine days away now, which means Blizzard’s going ham on promos and teasers to try to keep interest in the ARPG high. Today, the studio dropped a new trailer for Season of the Malignant, this one homing in on the gameplay.

Now, don’t get too excited, as this video is basically just under 30 seconds of clips walking players ever so lightly through the malignant monsters content, which essentially asks players to fight these new creatures, suck the corruption out of them, trap their hearts, and then put their hearts into rings and amulets. I believe we characterized this mechanic as ripping out bad guys’ hearts and wearing them as jewelry, which turns out to be pretty accurate, and more power to you if that’s your thing. In any case, the process is vaguely on display here, complete with what looks like a shiny heart dropping as sweet, sweet loot.

The season itself kicks off on July 20th.

Source: YouTube
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