Tower of Fantasy confirms a new frosty kung fu character arriving on July 18


There are plenty of ways for players of Tower of Fantasy to wallop enemies at melee range right now, but there aren’t any that bring ice, kung fu, and weird-looking gloves to mete out punchy punishment. That won’t be the case on Tuesday, July 18th, when the shared world RPG’s newest Simulacrum arrives on the scene.

Tencent’s Level infinite and Hotta Studio has introduced fans to Yulan, a martial artist from the recently added location of Domain 9. In the game’s lore, she has been assigned as the protector of the Infinite Sundial due to her impressive might and unwavering focus. In combat, she wields the Unity combat gloves with impressive effect as she unleashes devastating punches.

Yulan can be seen both in cinematic and in-game action in the trailer below, while the game is hosting more events through the week before her arrival, like Phase 9 of its Advanced Pass and the Wild Goose Array minigame.

sources: press release, Twitter (1, 2)
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