ARK highlights player mods and opens another player-created critter contest for Ascended’s Aberration map


The community crunch newsletter out of ARK is obviously about the game’s community, but that’s even more true in the latest edition as it casts a spotlight on some new player mods and begins another round of competition centered around player-built creatures.

The post opens up with a look at two new sponsored mods: Akka’s ARK Decor mods, which have multiple fashionable furnishings for players to delight in; and Shiny! Dinos, which introduces additional benefits and unique abilities to the game’s distinctly colored alternate creatures.

Speaking of distinct creatures, the newsletter also announces the start of a community creature contest that will let one player’s crafted beastie become a part of the Aberration map in Ascended. The contest is currently in its last day of the submissions phase (July 17th), followed shortly after by the voting portion to narrow down a top 10.

The rest of the post notes map transfers open for Season 5, dates wipes for ARKpocalypse and Beginner servers, and shares the usual gaggle of fanart and videos.

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