Lineage II announces updates that focus on Wizards, Summoners, and Death Knights on August 1


Whether you’re a spellcaster or a spooky knight, your ship is pulling in to port on August 1st, when Lineage II releases patches across its three variations to prop up Wizards, Summoners, and Death Knights.

The base MMO is getting a Spell Caster Unleashed update, which promises Wizards and Summoners significant improvements to class skills, balance changes for these classes, and a revamp to the game’s magical damage system. Meanwhile, Aden and Classic will receive the Death Knight Reborn update, with balancing, improved skills, and new skills for Death Knights in Aden, along with the addition of the Pagan Tample hunting zone and expansion of Tantar Ruins for Classic.

Additional features for these patches include a world trade post, improvements to the pet system, more items and gear, and new progression quests. Additional details for these updates are on the way, but players can get a brief rundown now. In the meantime, the MMO is still holding its Temple Underground Cave event until July 25th.

source: official site (1, 2)
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