New World discusses fresh start servers, PvP hotspots, Outpost Rush, and permanent seasonal content

The rhythm does nothing!

Amazon game director Scot Lane, live lead Katy Kaszynski, and creative director David Verfaillie are back in the recording room for another episode of New World’s Forged in Aeternum – episode 40, in fact. This edition is a 11-minute Q&A and therefore a bit of a hodgepodge from all over the gameplay map. The highlights:

  • The team is happy with win rates and difficulty on the sandwurm content; the devs think that gearscore creep will allow more players to see it without needing to nerf it.
  • Character renaming is being discussed – no plans yet, though. Barbershop features are under discussion – it sounds like it won’t be until the roadmap after the expansion (so probably next year).
  • “Conceptually,” the devs love the idea of compact PvP hotspots in the open world, but plans sound very long-term. They do say season three will probably help.
  • Azoth salt inflow hasn’t been adjusted, but the devs realize they’ve added more to spend it on, so they’re looking at it.
  • No plans for fresh start servers at this point for 2023. It sounds like they might reconsider when the main questline and early experience is fully done (next year).
  • On seasonal content vs. permanent content: Amazon knows that some seasonal content is meant to re-engage lapsed players rather than new players, and it’s looking at ways to make seasonal content a little more permanent without taking away its quarterly novelty. But the devs so argue that they’re adding permanent content in seasons already.
  • While they think weapon parity is good in PvP, they know there are some issues with imbalance in matchmaking in Outpost Rush – they’re working on it. They’re still thinking about siege weaponry balance, but no definitive plans.
  • The debuff bar is being actively worked on.

Oh, and there’s a little tease at the end, so if you’re cheesing with blunderbuss combos, expect a much-deserved nerf.

Source: YouTube
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