Ashes of Creation has enough testers, prepares to stop selling pre-order packs

bears, bears, beaaaaaars

Ashes of Creation is getting ready to shut the door on players looking to buy their way into the alpha and beta testing process. Intrepid Studios announced on its website that next month will be the final time that it sells pre-order packs for the game. These packs bundle up in-game cosmetics, game time, name reservation — and alpha and beta keys.

So why is Intrepid locking down a potential source of income? The studio explains: “We have currently hit the number of Alpha Two testers we are aiming for. In order to ensure everyone has a glorious experience when it comes to performance of our servers and game client, we want to make certain we can service our Alpha Two testers to the best of our ability. After further internal and external testing, we may decide to expand the amount of Alpha Two testers needed.”

Intrepid said that past September, any fans who want to get into the testing phases can cross their fingers and hope that public keys become available. “As we complete more internal and external testing, we may decide to expand the amount of Alpha Two, Beta One, and Beta Two testers needed,” the studio said.

The current pre-order packs range from $75 to $325, so these aren’t a cheap path to beta.

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