Embers Adrift’s August patch improves ‘combat feels’ and adds the hunting log


Power of the Ember Veins: That’s the name of this month’s patch offering from Embers Adrift. Yesterday’s update to the indie MMO may not have added any new zones, but you could argue that it did something far more substantial by improving the feel of combat.

“With the aim of improving the feels of combat without drastically changing the formula, we have enhanced our execution pipeline to better support instant executions,” Stormhaven reported. “With this improved tech in place we have reduced a number of ability execution times; the majority of non-healing abilities have had their execution times reduced by 1 second. We have also improved the timing of most ability animations (or replaced them all together) to better align with these new executions times.”

The patch also added a new hunting log that tracks players’ individual kills. This log isn’t just for boasting rights; if players rack up enough kills of a specific type of creature, they’ll be rewarded with titles and permanent buffs.

Other additions with this patch include a new level 40ish Ember Vein, three more quests, adjustments to armor weight, and “improvements to rupture and drift visuals.” The studio also reported that it’s created a Linux client that is far more stable and usable than what it had before.

Source: Embers Adrift. Thanks Yrys!
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