Lord of the Rings Online delays its Forester event a second time, says fix coming soon


The first of Lord of the Rings Online’s planned series of crafting-related events continues to have a hard time getting off the ground. Standing Stone Games announced on Friday that it’s had to delay the Forester gathering event for a second time because of sync issues that weren’t present in testing but pop up on the live servers.

“Apologies, the function in live situations often differs from the more controlled environments we have,” said Lead Systems Designer Orion. “I know the solution that I need to use now. It’s a bit heavier handed but should rectify the issues. I’ll keep you up to date. Once the fix is in, verified, and hopefully added to a Bullroarer, I’ll provide a post that explains, the what, why, how, and where behind the issues happening with the event. I think it will be good to peel back the curtain a little, to expose the web we weave when building something like this.”

Meanwhile, the testing debut of LOTRO’s new Mariner class continues to dominate the discussion in streams, official and otherwise. We posted our own run-down of the new class earlier this week.

Source: LOTRO, 2
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