Tales of the Shire is an upcoming cozy game based in Middle-earth due for 2024

Second Trailer

So Tales of the Shire is a thing that’s coming out. Here is what we know about it: It is a cozy game set in Middle-earth from Private Division and Weta Workshop, and it’s due for release in 2024. It also has a live-action trailer that clocks in at 45 seconds and provides no additional information. Clearly, the developers thought that with the current cozy game boom, all they had to do was promise a cozy game that in some way understands second breakfast and people would get hyped.

They were correct.

We don’t know at this point if the game will contain multiplayer elements (although many do) or even what the gameplay will look like, although it’s due for release on both PCs and console (but no mobile form, it seems). You can check out the full trailer just below, although as implied it’s kind of light on information. But hey, if it had you at “cozy game in Middle-earth,” what more do you need?

Source: Press release
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