The next PAX East is scheduled for March 21 to 24 in 2024

Tickets on sale on Thursday

Thank you for your service, as always.

It would behoove someone to make sure that PAX as a convention is not run by Dracula from Castlevania. It’s basically the same thing, after all; once a year it comes back around, it’s a pit of misery, you can escape it only by whipping a whole lot of people, and if you’re really dedicated you can be done with it in about 11 minutes. What were we talking about again? Oh, right, PAX East is happening from March 21st through the 24th in 2024.

Tickets are going on sale on Thursday, November 16th, and you can expect the now-customary location in Boston to host the convention. Worth noting is that the announcement makes a point that it will be celebrating 20 years of the convention, which is only somewhat accurate; PAX started on the west coast in 2004, but PAX East didn’t start until 2010. (Several of the old Massively folks had Chinese food before the convention hall opened. It was a thing.) But whether it’s 20 or 14 years, if you’re eager to get into the convention hall, keep your eyes peeled when badges go on sale this week.

Source: Twitter
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