Lord of the Rings Online players speculate on possible zone expansions


Here’s something fun for Lord of the Rings Online players today: an annotated map of Middle-earth showing both the zones added to the game over the years and potential regions for future development. In fact, this topic’s been an ongoing favorite for the community to bat around.

Of course, with the recent Corsairs of Umbar expansion, the safe bet is on further zone additions in that southern region come 2024. However, Standing Stone Games has surprised us before by taking breaks from the current high-level zones to flesh out some of the earlier lands, such as Yondershire or Swanfleet.

And in response to those who feel that the overall game world has changed too slowly over the past two decades, World Designer Jeff Libby reminded, “I think one of the things players sometimes overlook is that time in the real world isn’t really the same as it is in Middle-earth. It may seem like we’ve let Golasgil and others languish for years and years, but In Story it’s really only been a few months.”

Source: LOTRO
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