The Daily Grind: What MMOs are you no longer anticipating at the top of 2024?


I feel a bit bad about my picks for today’s Daily Grind, as their inclusion here isn’t so much that I don’t want the games at all but rather that they’ve fallen of my hype list. For example, I was super hyped about Soulframe, Palia, Corepunk, and Wayfinder in the last few years, but my interest has waned a bit. For Palia and Wayfinder, it’s because I’ve seen them in their beta/early access states and realized they weren’t what I wanted them to be – it’s more about me than about them. For Corepunk, it’s because development has been agonizingly slow (understandably, but still slow). And for Soulframe, it’s mostly that the game seems a lot earlier in development that I thought and I don’t see much point in a high state of hype for years upon years, so my brain has backed off. Not saying they all suck or I won’t ever be interested again, but my hype meter is back down to normal.

What MMOs are you no longer anticipating at the top of 2024?

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