Throne & Liberty KR discusses stat integration, siege wars, and (vaguely) the global launch


As western players continue to wait impatiently for even the tiniest scrap of news about the global release of Throne & Liberty, NCsoft has posted a producer’s letter to its Korean playerbase, which has just seen its servers merged just weeks after launching in the region.

NCsoft’s Ahn Jong-ok begins with some high-level discussion about stat integration, which he says is intended to “increase the diversity of [weapon] combinations” – without devaluing the worth of existing gear. He also touches on siege war participation, siege taxes, and new content, though there are no specifics – just a light tease for continuing development and the approaching global launch. Here’s the chunk, courtesy of some goofy Google translate.

“In addition to the A/S content I wanted to talk about today, we are planning several attempts within the game. We will soon tell you about our plans for content supplementation, which many people have been talking about. I won’t say much because discussions are still ongoing between various teams, but I wanted to tell you that we are always looking into and considering the deficiencies you feel. There were a lot of things going on, but I’m thankful that there are people who are having fun playing. Thanks to you, the entire development team is motivated to work harder. I often see a lot of comments in the community asking if I’m still doing TL, and I feel a great sense of responsibility as a producer. We will definitely show you a twist. I want to make sure you feel the excitement of welcoming new people and the feeling of rowing when the water comes in.”

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