New World details its cross-world expedition group finder, finally launching February 7


New World players have been waiting longer than expected for the cross-world expedition group finder, as it was originally meant to launch last year but was held over for more polish and features. That wait is almost over now as the launch is happening this week on February 7th.

“Through player feedback, the Activity Finder menu, and our matchmaking system, we have taken big steps toward our vision of more accessible instanced modes,” Amazon says. The system is going to be familiar to most MMO players, as you’ll simply access the panel, queue up for a random or specific expedition, and choose a role (yes, healers and tanks get a bonus) to help the system enforce what Amazon calls the classic DPS/tank/healer trinity (that’s the modern trinity, however; the classic trinity used CC, not DPS).

“Similar to Outpost Rush, any player from any world within the same region can be matched together to form a new instance. This means significantly less time spent finding groups and more time running Expeditions. You also no longer need to build your own group by hand. These new Activities screens finally allow you to view any Expedition Entrance screen and Lobby Finder from a single list, instead of the Map.”

Players will definitely want to read through the whole official guide and check out the latest video too as it explains everything in great detail.

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