WRUP: Why various Pokemon have been cancelled forever edition

there are many problems

Dragonite: While this was not known until two years ago, in the 1970s Dragonite starred in a show titled Which Animals Can Survive In A Hot Car that aired on Australian television. The worst part is that aside from the title, it doesn’t even involve hot cars. It mostly involves salt being sprinkled on fish tanks. It is, however, deeply disturbing in the sense of “what did these people think they were doing” and Dragonite was no longer allowed to star in any of the games.

Misdreavus: Throws books into the communal toilet during shoot days.

Porygon2: Dude Porygon sucks. Why was there another one? Seriously how did no one see that the staff could not come up with 151 little animals from the start, because Porygon is one of those moments of just giving up on the theme and throwing something else in there like “maybe we’ll like this tomorrow.” No one likes Porygon2 because of that. If you have Porygon2 on your team, you make children cry when you enter a room.

Liepard: Answers every single What Are You Playing with “boy howdy, I ate me some raw meat and now my tum-tum hurts” followed by a long list of slurs. We catch it in the auto-filter. You’re welcome, America.

Tyrantrum: Tyrantrum used Mange! Why was this a move. Anyway, it’s super effective or whatever.

Bonus question: What video game purchase do you regret the most? (It doesn’t mean you deeply regret it, just it’s the one you most wish to redo.)

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Exercise games will get some love, but so will Splatoon 3. I got the single-player DLC but I’ve barely had time to play it.

Oof, I regret getting Everybody 1-2-Switch! The ideas sounded good, and I knew some people involved in the PR push who all became busy right before it came out, so I thought it meant it’d be a big deal but uh… yeah. It was a regrettable purchase, but luckily one my friends don’t razz me about. Sorry again, guys!

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I’m working on a video about Star Wars Galaxies Legends‘ apartments and city stuff, so I’ll probably be in there finishing up. Beyond that, I’m not entirely sure. Might dip back into City of Heroes!

Bonus: I definitely wish I could get my money out of Shroud of the Avatar. It was only $25 in the Kickstarter, but it still makes me mad.

Carlo Lacsina (@UltraMudkipEX, YouTube, Twitch): Wifey and I have been playing Persona 3 Reloaded the past month but that might have to go on the backburner with the release of the new Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth game. We’re worried about spoilers and it might be better to play FFVII sooner rather than later, yenno?

Bonus question: I have no regrets with any video game purchase; however, I tend to avoid purchasing physical media anymore. I used to be an avid collector of physical games but I have long since transitioned to just having an online library because I don’t want the clutter and I know I’m a terrible hoarder

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): My Porg Squadron and I (as well as a couple of other friends) will be continuing to hop into the Helldivers 2 pepper grinder as we level, learn, and look forward to the ability to call down a whole darn mech at some point in the future. Other than that, I’ll probably do a little bit of casual Final Fantasy XIV gaming and perhaps look through the backlog for a single-player something-or-other.

Bonus: I pretty much regret having purchased The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I deeply disliked how fragile the weapons were (even the big reward ones) and just found that whole system one of the most obnoxious parts of an otherwise pretty OK game. Otherwise it didn’t really solve the open world RPG problem of feeling like a wide sandbox that only had an inch of depth to it. I appreciate I’m the minority opinion here, but honestly it was one of the worst Zelda games ever and it kept me far away from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Some FFXIV and CoH for the month along with going back to finish out parts of FFVII that I didn’t get to while I was reviewing it. Yes, I did not 100% the game I needed to play through kinda quickly for a review. If this deeply disillusions you, I am… sorry? I don’t 100% every single game I play anyway? This is the reality of the industry?

There are a lot of things where people here clearly regret purchasing a game that later turned out to be either garbage or just completely not to their taste, and I think that’s valid, but I actually want to make a hard pivot from all of that and focus on a very different kind of regret: I regret buying the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition re-release. Not because I don’t enjoy the games included by any means, quite the opposite! I love these games, the characters, and the story (yes, all of it). Rather, I regret purchasing it because it turned out that… I didn’t really need to replay them. I had, in fact, gotten everything I needed out of the games before then, and I didn’t really find the improvements and alterations to be necessary to my enjoyment. It was a good trilogy I didn’t need to re-purchase, but I did anyhow. Oh well.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): No MMO for me this weekend. Or at least nothing other than Harry Potter: Magic Awakened. But that’s so casual. I am behind on the seasonal story so I need to knock that out. Maybe I’ll do that this weekend.

Bonus: Oh, this is an easy one for me. When I was like… 10 or 8, I can’t remember, I went to a game store and traded in my copies of Dragon Quest 3, Breath of Fire 1, and Breath of Fire 2 for credit to buy Aladdin on the SNES. Terrible, terrible trade.

Tyler Edwards (blog): Still working on Ghosts of New Eden, which turned out to be a fair bit longer than I expected. Not that I’m complaining.

Bonus: I regret buying The Division 2 at full price. I think I only lasted like ten hours before I got bored. If that.

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