Overwatch 2’s latest patch quietly added a new PvE co-op mode alongside those flashy Cowboy Bebop skins


Overwatch 2, you’re being all sorts of surprising these days. First of all, we get this lovely gift of a PvE co-op game mode called Hero Mastery: Gauntlet that pits players in a defensive war against bots over 10 rounds.

And if that’s not enough of a diversion from the norm, the game’s doing a Cowboy Bebop crossover: “Celebrate the legendary crew of Bebop in Overwatch 2! Immerse yourself in the iconic saga of Cowboy Bebop with an array of new skins found exclusively in the Overwatch 2 shop. From now until March 25th, you can also tackle in-game challenges to answer the call of the bounty hunter and snatch up cosmic cosmetic rewards.”

The March 12th patch adjusted the size of certain projectiles, tweaked a few elements to its Competitive Overview screen, and further adjusted many of the game’s heroes and their skills.

Source: Overwatch 2
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