WRUP: You should absolutely do 100% of the things listed in this WRUP edition

take THAT

For the past several weeks, Bree has been a gigantic meaniehead and told all of you that you should not believe what What Are You Playing is telling you, should not do the things it suggests, and definitely should not use it as legal advice. Well screw that negativity. I am telling you that you should absolutely do everything listed in this entry and believe it. So go forth, my loyal army, and:

  • Look both ways before crossing the street.
  • Adjust all of the mirrors on your motor vehicle before you start driving to ensure you do not have any blind spots. Be sure to tilt your side mirrors until the sides of your vehicle are just out of view to minimize blind spots!
  • Brush your teeth.
  • Get therapy in the hopes of dealing with any and all unexplored trauma. Even if you think you’re fine, it’s not a bad idea to try. I know that finding a therapist you like is exceptionally difficult, but it’s really easy to neglect your mental health.
  • Tell the people in your life who matter to you just how much you love them.
  • Pet your cats (if applicable).
  • Wash your dishes.
  • Make sure you’re sitting comfortably and you’re staying hydrated.
  • Be kind to other people who are dealing with things you do not understand.
  • Support marginalized and historical minority groups in your words and actions.

Anyhow, what are you playing this weekend? Bonus question: What’s your bad habit when preparing food?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): It’s gonna be a big Pokemon Go raiding/walking weekend for me. Groudon on Saturday because it’s done me dirty for years now and Shadow Raikou Sunday because it’s been treating me like Groudon. Also got Splatfest prep to handle!

I think my bad food prep habit is just being anal. I constantly wash my hands, have separate tools for all ingredients and their stages unless I have to wash stuff in between steps, I have a knit cap to hold in my hair when I’m growing it out, I insist on sifting when certain people don’t want to do it… I guess I could use plastic gloves for better hygiene, but I think that would make me seem even worse. But hey, at least I’ve never made anyone sick or had ingredients clump when they should be well-mixed!

Andy McAdams: I’m still putzing around in Guild Wars 2, trying the much easier way to unlock my skyscale finally. RimWorld is releasing an expansion in a couple weeks so I keep convincing myself not to play, which means that I will probably lose that battle soon. Maybe this weekend.

Bonus question: Any amount of garlic in a recipe is automatically rounded up to the next tablespoon… at a minimum.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I’m honestly not sure where I’ll be this weekend. Not outdoors, as pollen is winning the war right now, but I’m kind of in a Star Wars Galaxies Legends lull and I finished my Lord of the Rings Online festival chores. I am toying with heading back into City of Heroes, working on a toon in LOTRO, or maybe going through some Steam backlog. I even had an urge to reroll in New World. I also just bought Valheim and Balatro. I haven’t decided yet.

My worst habit when cooking is when the splits are by thirds and not halves so the schem leaves exactly one component of every type in my food and chemical factory and then I don’t want to clean it out. You meant MMO cooking, right? Right?

Carlo Lacsina (@UltraMudkipEX, YouTube, Twitch): I bought into the new Hearthstone expansion so I’ll be putting some time into deckbuilding and getting better at the game. New rotation was on Tuesday and those are the only times I jump into card games. Considering how its the expansion linked to the tenth year, and I was in the mood for more Hearthstone I figured it would be a good investment.

Bonus Question: If I’m cooking for myself and I know nobody is going to eat that particular thing, then I make liberal use of the 5 second rule. Extra seasoning.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): Pretty much more of what I’ve already been doing, which is to say some more Helldivers 2 and a bit of Final Fantasy XIV. Perhaps a bit more of the latter owing to the desire to help out any Xbox-playing sprouts. I also admit to having a curiosity about Lost Ark’s “catch-up” thing that was recently added; I kind of want to know if it actually does help or not.

I think one of my worst cooking habits is still not really standardizing how to dice things. Onions especially. I feel like I’ve used two or three different techniques that I rotate around through the years. But then I also admit that a lot of my knifework is shoddy anyway.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): A bit of FFXIV, a bit of a game I’m reviewing that I can’t talk about, a bit of CoH. You know, as I do.

I have a bad tendency to go high heat when I’m cooking, and while it’s not inherently a bad thing (I like rare burgers, you know), it sometimes means things burn a little faster than I’m expecting. It’s not a major problem, just a bad habit on my part.

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): As the snow falls once again, I’m going to tuck into some World of Warcraft to work through a couple Dragonflight zones I missed, continue to progress my LOTRO Lore-master through Cardolan, and try to wrap up Wrothgar in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): Another weekend messing around in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. I’ve really let the story and seasonal event slip past me this month. I’m not sure how much time I have left to complete it so I really want to focus some time on that. Also I’ve been playing Bloodstained since it came to Gamepass and having a solid time with it.

Bonus: I’m pretty bad. I suppose eating the food cold because I was too lazy to wait and heat it up properly. Usually I just drink shakes if I’m preparing food for myself though. So in those cases I don’t shake it well enough.

Tyler Edwards (blog): More WoW. I got my rogue to the current level cap, but turns out that class got absolutely butchered since I played last, and I still have a spare level boost, so I’m “auditioning” other characters by running them through their heritage armor quests. Probably going to go with the monk, but going to try a few more before making my final decision.

Bonus question: I have a tendency to wipe my hands on my clothes if they get dirty, which I then instantly regret.

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