WRUP: New monetization apps edition

we on fire

Allows rich people and the terminally selfish to pay someone else to feel bad about all the awful things they do since otherwise it just isn’t happening.
Total early investment: $15 million but only in suspiciously crumpled dollar bills
Average payment for gig workers: Three dolla’


Pay someone to eat bees.
Total early investment: A very sticky bag of $200 million
Average payment for gig workers: $14.95 per hour and all the bees you can eat

HRN / Main

Connect with horny singles in your area but not to do anything about it in an untoward ways. Like you just get on the phone and they tell you that they really would like to be with someone they find attractive, which isn’t you, but the feeling is mutual. So nobody’s happy.
Total early investment: None (money laundering operation for the Triad)
Average payment for gig workers: Actually it’s just serving you ads for local sandwich shops


You know the saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure? Well here’s your chance to get someone to go through all sorts of trash looking to find some treasure. Maybe the treasure will be actual treasure, or maybe it will be fast food paper waste. Probably fast food paper waste, we ain’t gonna front.
Total early investment: $50 million and lifetime free McGriddles
Average payment for gig workers: Depends, what you got on ya?


What Are You Playing is proud to launch our first partnered app in which you tell me the person you work with who is just the absolute worst, just a dog barf of a human being, and then I walk up and throw seltzer in their eyes.
Total early investment: $10 million from Polar Beverages headquartered in historic Worcester, Massachusetts. If you aren’t from around here, that’s pronounced “Woo-stah.”
Average payment for gig workers: Buddy, if I dislike your co-worker enough I’ll pay you.

Bonus question: What’s a popular game that you don’t dislike but were never able to get into as a major thing?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): I got some Pokemon stuff to do, but I think it’ll be more of a Splatoon 3 weekend.

I never got into EverQuest or EverQuest II. I was playing other MMOs for EQ2, but with EQ, the few people I met who played it always thought their game was better than Asheron’s Call until we talked about our respective MMOs. I think all of them ended up coming over to AC and those who left would say something like, “AC is better, but I want to play as an elf and I can’t do it in that game.” Which, for me, was not a good sign to switch games. That being said, some of you may remember MJ and I being the ones championing Landmark for awards a number of years ago, so while I may have never gotten into the core games, at least the spinoff had me interested.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I dunno… I’ve been sick and haven’t felt super motivated to play anything. I was working my way across Elderslade in Lord of the Rings Online, so if I feel up to it, that’s where I’ll likely be.

Minecraft is the first one that comes to mind. It’s weird because I love Trove, so you’d think Minecraft would be for me too, but the game’s controls drove me bonkers, and if I’m gonna mod a sandbox, I have so many other options. Love it for my kids though.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): As I write this I’ve been slowly moseying my way through the latest DLC in Vampire Survivors, but once I’ve 100% cleared that one again, it’ll probably be back to my usuals of Helldivers 2 missions with friends, Final Fantasy XIV goofing around, and a bit more Elsweyr fun in The Elder Scrolls Online.

World of Warcraft just keeps on sliding right off of me, and that was before we all learned how awful Blizzard treated its employees. And it’s not like I haven’t tried, either! Multiple times, even! I even attempted to get into it when Wrath of the Lich King was released, which is arguably when the game was at the height of its power; if I wasn’t able to get into it then, it just ain’t happening, y’all.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Bit more prep work in FFXIV and also gearing myself up for a trip in the near future, which may be relevant to the site (and that’s all I’m saying about it). I’ve also been tapping at some of my favorite Mega Man games recently for basically no reason at all.

I can kind of mirror Bree’s feelings about Minecraft, but I hate doubling up on answers like that; instead, I’m going to actually point to Super Mario 64. You won’t hear me saying that it’s not a good game, because it objectively is! But it’s not actually what I like out of my Mario games and it feels like a whole other series… which is probably because I never actually got to play it when it was a new thing, only years later (and after playing Super Mario Sunshine, which isn’t nearly as good).

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): I have my fingers in a whole lot of pies, but of the keenest interest is doing the new patch quests in World of Warcraft, forging into Lone-lands in LOTRO, and getting my White Mage robes in FFXIV.

Bonus: Ever since I bought it a long time ago, I’ve wanted to do a full Stardew Valley playthrough. I’ve only dabbled over the years, though, while my kids have lapped me so many times. Maybe this summer?

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): I’m going to be pretty busy this weekend but I know I’ll have time for my Harry Potter: Magic Awakened dailies and some duels here and there. Also Brawl Stars will likely get a few plays.

Bonus: I think I’ll say Fortnite. On paper I think it actually has a lot of what I’d enjoy in it but I still haven’t even played it! If that discounts it, then my second pick would be Halo or most shooters. I just didn’t play them growing up so I kind of suck. And I don’t like to lose.

Tyler Edwards (blog): Mostly New World. Been leveling up alternate weapon skills. Probably won’t use them much, but it’s something to do. Maybe some WoW, but I’m mostly just waiting for the Pandaria remix to start at this point.

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