Corepunk proposes its 500,000 test hopefuls comment for a chance at 10,000 alpha 2 invites

Not comment here - comment on the game's site


If you thought you were signed up for the Corepunk beta, you might have a little more legwork to do to ensure you actually get a crack at it. Artificial Core told players earlier today that it’s letting only 10K players into the alpha 2 test… out of the half a million who actually signed up for beta. But if you want to be considered for one of those slots, you’ll need to prove you’re actually active.

“As you know, we are approaching the Alpha 2 test. This time, we’re hosting it for 10,000 players. Everyone who participated in the last test will be invited again. As of today, 500,000 players have registered for the Corepunk beta, so the majority of invitations will be distributed among them. However, we also want to ensure that all active members of our community have the opportunity to play the game. If you would like to participate in the Alpha 2 test, please leave a comment under the latest news post on the forum.”

That thread is right here, and as you can imagine, it’s already filling up with extremely useful comments like “hype” and “let’s go.”

So, y’know, if you actually want into this leg, you’re gonna be registering for the forum and jumping through that extra hoop. Or don’t and just wait for early access. They’re not your supervisor.

Source: Discord
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