Star Trek Online preps an ‘endless’ Borg gauntlet for next week’s episode


Antsy starship captains are about to have their hands very full when next week’s Unparalleled episode drops into their waiting hands in Star Trek Online — including an endless gauntlet mode featuring everyone’s favorite cyborg baddies.

In addition to Season 32, a story with Denise Crosby (Captain Sela), and a species/gender switch token, the Star Trek Online update is introducing an endless task force operation called the Borg Battle Royale.

“This TFO will charge you with facing increasingly difficult waves of Borg, and see how long you can survive,” Cryptic explained. “Similar to both the Kobayashi Maru and Arena of Sompek TFOs, the event version of this TFO will end at a predetermined point – level 7. However, once the event is over, the TFO will have no set end, and Captains will see how long they can last against the Federation’s ultimate enemy. Ready your resistance.”

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