War Thunder makes changes to its 2024 roadmap, talks up new homing missiles arriving with next update


You might have recalled those air-to-air battles in the movie Independence Day when pilots were calling out “FOX-2” and “FOX-3” when firing missiles. Just in case you were wondering, those are code names for the kind of guidance system those weapons have, and soon players of War Thunder will be able to accurately shout “FOX-3” as that specific homing missile is coming to the game.

The active radar homing missile, or ARH missile, is a medium-range air-to-air missile that uses active radar guidance in order to lock on and chase a target (FOX-2s, by the way, are infrared seeker missiles). Despite the advances in ordinance ARH missiles represent, they’re not necessarily an “I win” button, as players targeted by one can make use of cockpit warnings and specific maneuvers to dodge out of the way. Still, there will be some fresh explosives arriving in War Thunder’s next major update.

On the top of what’s next for the game, Gaijin Entertainment has posted an update to its 2024 roadmap, primarily because separate battle ratings for different modes is going to be available sooner than planned. The post does call out some delays for other planned 2024 features, namely research bonuses for new nations, public squads, and squad search features based on player interests. The new roadmap image can be seen by clicking the image below.

source: official site (1, 2)
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