Anvil Empires shares improvements to the game world’s natural features and fort building


When you’re trudging through the fields in Anvil Empires, it’s probably a good idea to stop and smell the flowers… or at least appreciate the pretty trees, considering the isometric perspective of this persistent war MMO. Doing that will ideally be a bit easier thanks to some improved environmental visuals, which is one of the highlights from the developing game’s latest blog.

Siege Camp explains that while its pre-alpha visuals were fine, they indicated a warmer climate than what the world of Calligo actually is. Thins means there are gloomier forests, fields that draw inspiration from northern and western Europe, and a system that helps build out scattered foliage and rocks, all with an eye to ensuring players can build pretty much anywhere they want.

Speaking of building, the second half of the dev blog talks about updates to the game’s fort building system. Updates here are intended to have a unified visual theme and a high amount of player agency while avoiding “goofy” designs, which has led Siege Camp to a system with pieces that dynamically adapts its orientation to fit onto existing pieces, albeit with slightly more rigid placement rules.

source: Steam
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