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Owly enough for the owl club.

Gigantic plans a one-day stress test for the weekend

The team at Motiga is happy that players have logged in to stress test Gigantic's servers. But it's not enough stress. More stress is...

Neverwinter’s summer festival returns with more flair

Sitting around your house, bored and sweaty this summer? Don't whine to us, especially after we tell you that Neverwinter has the cure for...

The Stream Team: Calming the enraged Gatekeeper in The Secret World

You've heard the old adage that redheads have a temper? Well imagine if you add red arms, red torso, red legs! Part of this...

Chaos Theory: Loot bags and golems galore for The Secret World’s fourth birthday

There may have been moments over the past 12 months when fans feared this time would never come, but it has: Happy fourth birthday, The Secret World! It's...
It shouldn't consistently work, but it does.

World of Warcraft asks players to hunt demons for Legion beta keys

We now know what World of Warcraft was teasing for players the other day. The bad news for those of you hoping for a...

Black Desert wants to see your pretty faces in its Beauty Album

Why spend hours in an MMO character creator only to cover your face up in a helmet where no one, including you, ever gets...

Is World of Warcraft kicking off a pre-Legion event today?

Wake up, World of Warcraft players, because you may be pressed into service against the irksome demons today. Last night, Blizzard sent out a cryptic tweet with...

Hyperspace Beacon: SWTOR’s clear message of indifference for its most loyal players

I don't like to rant. I like my opinions to be measured and thoughtful. But sometimes I need to cut loose and let something...
Ladies. Or men.

Final Fantasy XIV launches patch 3.35 on July 19th

What were you planning on doing on July 19th? Final Fantasy XIV residents are strongly advised to take a trip into the Palace of...
Thrill to the adventures of Shoutmouth Missilehat!

Atlas Reactor opens up its closed beta for everyone until July 17

Starting on July 8th, you can jump into Atlas Reactor's closed beta, even if you're not normally one of the people in the closed...

The MOP Up: Final Fantasy XI expands its wardrobe (July 3, 2016)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some...

The Stream Team: It’s the end of MOP Ark as we know it!

It is the end of ARK as we know it! At least it is for the MOPark server. As planned, the server will be...

ARK championships rage on this weekend

This is the weekend that Americans will get out their grills, shoot off some fireworks, and celebrate their independence from the tyranny of dinosaurs....
Jump around, etc.

Vindictus offers players a jump-start to 75 as it prepares for Delia

If you've been away from Vindictus for a while, you might be wondering what's going on with the game. The answer is that it's...

Check out all of the housing items coming in RIFT 3.7

We already know that RIFT's 3.7 update is trotting out a lot of new content in addition to the return of Summerfest, but what...

The Stream Team: Attack of The Secret World’s anniversary golems

They're here! Those glorious AP pinatas have returned to The Secret World. If you want some AP to get started on your Museum of...

Skyforge teases birthday events, July Battle of Equals patch

MMORPG Skyforge is turning one in July, which means it's party time in Aelion -- soon, anyway. is teasing the festivities in a...
''Keep saying you don't like us while supporting what we do, haha, it all pays dividends for us and we don't care.''

Marvel Heroes adds playable Ultron, extends anniversary event through July 4 holiday

Marvel Heroes's big patch today was meant to conclude the game's anniversary event, but Gazillion is extending the festivities through the 4th of July...

EVE Online drops new feature patch and Serpentis event

Lo and behold, the galaxy shuddered with terror and awe when EVE Online unleashed Update 118.6 across the cosmos. Historians later said that the...
Captain McFly of the USS... oh, heck no, not going there.

Star Trek Online shows off the rewards for temporal captains in Agents of Yesterday

So let's break this down very simply. There's a crisis in the future of Star Trek Online, which is leading agents further in the...