Dark Age of Camelot makes plans for its 15th birthday celebration


Where were you on October 10th, 2001? Were you one of the first players through the gate in Dark Age of Camelot? Whether or not you happened to witness the birth of that game, you can at least celebrate its 15th anniversary in a couple of weeks.

The devs have a full month of birthday celebrations planned for its playerbase: “There will be a new King’s RvR Tournament, a new 15-year anniversary housing trophy for all active accounts, some to-be-announced rewards for our veteran accounts, our spooky Halloween event, and we’ll launch our new Herald website!”

Dark Age of Camelot will be revving back up a promotion to encourage veterans to return to the title. The team also has two patches planned for the near future: Patch 1.122A will improve the new player experience while Patch 1.122B has RvR changes and a revamped Necromancer in the works. Housing updates have been shelved until 2017.

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