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Please, just... potter less.

Vague Patch Notes: It’s all right for MMO studios to stop trying

Let me tell you about last year's NaNoWriMo project. If you've never taken part in National Novel Writing Month, it's a great reason to...

Betawatch: Peria Chronicles is actually heading to beta, gosh

This one's personally important to me. Peria Chronicles is a game that looked very interesting to me from the moment it was revealed and...
Just play along.

Storyboard: Stop whining and accept your MMO plotline

I'm going to let you in on a very big and also very obnoxious secret. All right? No one is going to like hearing...
What are we even doing here?

Wisdom of Nym: A measured response to Naoki Yoshida’s mystery project

Well hello there, news on April 1st. I really have a tendency not to put much stock in anything revealed on April Fools' Day because...
So... we cool, huh? We cool?

Wisdom of Nym: Thoughts on the end of Final Fantasy XIV’s 4.x story

So now we've gotten the ending. And... gosh, sometimes these patches really do not merit splitting up, which is kind of the case for Final Fantasy...
Everything's about proper literacy with you!

Wisdom of Nym: All of the shards in Final Fantasy XIV

Look, the date of this article is a complete coincidence. Obviously, we're going to the First in Final Fantasy XIV's next expansion. We know that...
The other side.

Wisdom of Nym: Reactions to the Final Fantasy XIV Tokyo Fan Festival

So we've now had our final fan festival for Final Fantasy XIV, and for heaven's sake we managed to get one big hype-derailing moment...
Well... whoops.

FFXIV Fan Festival Tokyo 2019: Travel to the First with Hrothgar and Dancers

The third and final Final Fantasy XIV fan festival for Shadowbringers kicked off on Friday evening in by North American time schedules. We even...
I want a milky way.

WoW Factor: Why people are mad at Battle for Azeroth, part four: Story

The fun thing about bringing up the story of World of Warcraft is that you inevitably have some folks who will immediately crop up and claim...
I want a milky way.

WoW Factor: Battle for Azeroth’s alternative story experiment

As part of a WoW Factor column experiment relating to our March 2019 article, we've taken a stab at an alternative version of WoW's plotline.

Vague Patch Notes: The philosophy of challenge in MMOs

Today, I want to start thing off by talking about Final Fantasy. This is not entirely surprising. What may be surprising is that I'm talking about Final...
We never claimed to be saints.

First impressions of BioWare’s Anthem, a flawed piece of work with good bones

I'm not quite sure whether Anthem is a mediocre game that I want to be better than it is, a bad game that I enjoy,...

Massively on the Go: Smash Bros Ultimate’s online scene, one month later

I love Smash Bros. I love the mascot battles, the random items, the hazards. And in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, I love the new Ultimate meter...

Flameseeker Chronicles: First impressions of Guild Wars 2’s All or Nothing

One amazing trailer and a day of hype later, Guild Wars 2’s All or Nothing will be live this afternoon for us to play....
I want a milky way.

WoW Factor: World of Warcraft’s most underused zones in Classic

No, I'm still not done with thinking about the game's zones and how they relate to Classic. Because while I've already covered the zones...
Burn it down!

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV’s 2018 in review

Sometimes I wind up starting these a bit early because there's just not much to write about; other times I'm writing well in advance...
Oh, right, you.

Vague Patch Notes: The complexity of classic preservation for MMOs

Here's a fun question to kick things off. Should old black-and-white films be colorized? The key word there is "old," because there are a...
Why Would You Do That Dot Jpeg

Wisdom of Nym: Analyzing the last live letter before Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.5

The last letter from Naoki Yoshida didn't really drop much in the way of bombshells on the Final Fantasy XIV community, especially as there had...
Everybody dies.

WoW Factor: The great Superdata fall-off

The one down side to working ahead is that sometimes your schedule gets nudged around more than expected. I promise that a further look...
For me? Or someone.

The Massively Overpowered 2018 winter holiday roundup

It's that time again, the time for a roundup of all the winter holiday events going on in the MMO universe! The nice thing...