Star Trek Online’s Age of Discovery is coming to consoles on November 13th

Earlier this month, Perfect World Entertainment released the first chapter of Star Trek Online's Age of Discovery update for the game's PC version, and...
It's important to note that this is a game where you literally have dinosaur ship captains.

Star Trek Online grants players cybernetic dinosaurs in latest Breach special event

Have you ever wished that you could have a cybernetically enhanced dinosaur as a pet? Of course you have, and if you happen to...
Someone thinks this part was neat, probably.

Neverwinter unveils the details of its upcoming Acquisitions Incorporated campaign

A new campaign is coming to Neverwinter, allowing players to join the esteemed and totally-professional company of Acquisitions Incorporated as they search for the...

Neverwinter plans changes to salvage and dungeon reward systems in Heart of Fire

Looks like there are some changes coming to Neverwinter's salvage and dungeon reward systems in the upcoming Heart of Fire module, according to a...

Perfect World takes its Arc quest system offline for an upgrade

If you have been accessing Perfect World's MMOs directly, you may be ignorant that the company's launcher has its own daily quest system. Has...
watch me doooooo

Perfect World Entertainment integrates Twitch streaming into its Arc launcher

If you want to play Neverwinter, Gigantic, Star Trek Online, or maybe even Perfect World International, you're probably familiar with Perfect World Entertainment's Arc...

E3 2016: Perfect World’s Star Trek Online, Neverwinter, and Livelock

One thing that I see over and over in our comments sections when we cover Perfect World's MMOs is hatred for lockboxes and keys bought...

Perfect World’s Arc platform now offers its own daily quests

Perfect World's Arc platform is getting a big facelift, which is good news for anyone confused by the old layout and navigation, but the...