Perfect World Entertainment integrates Twitch streaming into its Arc launcher

watch me doooooo

If you want to play Neverwinter, Gigantic, Star Trek Online, or maybe even Perfect World International, you’re probably familiar with Perfect World Entertainment‘s Arc client. It’s the publisher’s one-stop-load-everything launcher, you know how that goes. And now it’s going to make it that much easier for everyone to stream all of those games with the new Twitch integration built right into Arc.

The client will allow you to link up with your existing Twitch account, at which point you can start streaming (or stop) right from the Arc overlay. It also means slightly less fiddling around with peripheral software and other add-ons while you’re trying to keep people entertained and presumably not die, so it’s good news for everyone who wants to be watched while they play. And possibly judged. Do note that this feature is currently in beta, so there are quite possibly some bugs to be encountered along the way.

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